There always is a place for daily tasks, where people relate and acknowledge each other, environments in which a community shapes its characteristics as social beings. It is in those spaces in which the architecture project demonstrates the true reason for its existence.

In Ramírez Vázquez y Asociados we are committed to fully satisfying each project, offering architectural expression a personality of its own, and thus using functionality as a vital essence in our developments. Consequently, a good part of our projects are icons in the visual history of Mexico and the world.

The Shrine of Guadalupe (Basilica of Guadalupe) has the capacity to hold more than 2 million people in one night, without interrupting the liturgy, in an orderly fashion and at the same time permitting these people to carry out their annual desire. In the Aztec Stadium, a universal icon of the most popular sport in the world, it is possible to have car access up to the very doors of the box seats. Furthermore, the National Anthropology Museum provides the visitor with the unique experience of designing his/her own tour without having to go through the exhibition rooms that he/she is not interested in seeing.

Considering the essence of functionality and individual expression, Ramírez Vázquez y Asociados has developed a great number of projects that span 5 decades. There is a constant production of ideas, assimilating from the creation of each project the changes in feeling that the passing of time gives to urban spaces. We propose buildings that, due to their characteristics, endure over time and also are capable of constantly regenerating to integrate themselves into new eras.